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Your Advantage is Our Experience

In 2008, Michael Saunders purchased Lesdon & Associates, a successful independent business brokerage operation. It was a comfortable move for this veteran real estate entrepreneur and business owner with his already well-established track record of buying, growing, and selling capital intensive investments over more than two decades. Since taking the helm at Lesdon, Michael Saunders has overseen the sale and/or purchase of over a hundred and fifty businesses, valued at over one-hundred million dollars.

During more than a decade with Lesdon & Associates, Mr. Saunders has assembled a team of highly experienced brokers who share his passion for serving clients. There is no cookie-cutter approach at Lesdon. Every new client has specific requirements. Listening and responding with the right recommendations is always the primary emphasis at Lesdon.

Beyond bringing you personal service, navigating the complexities of the deal-making process requires competent brokers. If you are buying or selling and are looking for a company that has mastered the art of business brokerage, Lesdon & Associates will prove to be your most valuable ally.

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Michael Saunders - President
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Warren Whitis - General Manager

Warren Whitis graduated with a degree in Industrial Technology and worked at DuBois Chemical for twenty years, then went on to obtain his M.B.A. from the University of Dallas. He was a Vice President at Novamax Technologies during the later part of the 80s and through the 90s. In 1999, he ventured in a new direction, becoming the General Manager for Spectrum, a large commercial glass security company in downtown Dallas. Michael Saunders owned that company, and as the two men worked together, they found they had similar management styles and philosophies. 

Mr. Whitis went on to work for Toyota and Xerox, but the two men stayed in touch. In 2017 Michael invited Warren to join him at Lesdon & Associates, as the General Manager of a smaller, but much more personal firm. Managing a team of veteran business brokers, focusing on helping people with what is very often the largest venture of their lives, is intensely satisfying for this long-time winner in large corporate environments.

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World Trusted Business Broker Advisors

Lesdon & Associates podcast, the "The Michael Saunders Show" is part of the renowned "Voice America" network.


Michael and Warren speak to an international audience on the intricacies of buying and selling businesses on a weekly basis. Mr. Saunders is also a member of the Texas Association of Business Brokers.


Our Expert Services

Sell a Business

Lesdon & Associates is a confidential service that respects the needs of our clients. Our experience enables you to navigate the complexities of the sales process on the way to gaining maximum value for your business. 

You need to build a complete exit strategy as far in advance of the sale as you can to properly define and then meet all your goals, then every part of the sales process needs to be carefully thought out and acted upon.


“Lesdon and Associates has sold two of my auto repair businesses over the last 10 years. Michael and Warren worked closely with me with weekly meetings throughout the entire process and were able to find a list of qualified buyers who were interested in buying my business. I will use Lesdon again in my next venture when I am ready to market and sell my next company.

Frank O.

Body Shop

Buy a Business

Lesdon & Associates offers 100% performance-based brokerage services. If we can't help you find and close on the business of your choice, you don't owe us a penny.

There are many factors to be considered when searching for that perfect business opportunity and a number of due diligence steps are required to determine the real value of any company you find.


Ready to Find Out More?

Whether you are trying to determine the value of your own business and an optimal marketing strategy or are looking to buy a business to meet your particular goals, doing due diligence with one of our brokers will arm you with the information you need to move forward with minimum frustration and wasted effort.

A few of the 250+ businesses we've sold over more than two decades:

* Nashville Oil Refinery
* Addison Auto Repair Shop
* Dallas Solar Energy Company
* Houston Pier Drilling Construction Company
* Downtown Dallas Fitness Center
* Transmission Shop Franchise
* Luxury Car Dealerships